Space Invaders

competition, 2010, honourable mention

Space Invaders saw the transformation of an empty residential plot into a garden for local children to play.  The entire design and construction of the project was completed in 72 hours, with a team of 10 architects and designers.  Prior to the intervention, the site was used for dumping of rubbish and the darker areas away from the road were taken over by drug users; this had led local residents to fence off nearby sites and annex them to their own property.  The fences in the shape of small houses were a comment on this occupation, but also provided shade, drinking water, lighting and a place for visitors to sit, all things that private space can offer to public space.


The finished garden 


The work was created within the 72 Hour Urban Action project, the Bat-Yam Biennale of Landscape Urbanism

Team: Yotam Cohen Sagie, Israel;  Itai Dror, Israel;  Anton Zableib, Israel;  Roee Chido, Israel;  Yaniv Brafman, Israel;  Itai Ron Gilboa, Israel;  Tamir Lavie, Israel;  Merav Gazit, Israel;  Alison Kiiling, UK;  Johnathan R. Maj, Italy

Roee's daughter in the garden, shortly after completion