The Business of Temporary Use

How can we better fund, organise and commission temporary use projects for the vacant spaces in our city? These projects have so much potential to revitalise run down parts of our cities, offer opportunities to people wanting to start an arts or community project, or their own business; bring more services to local residents and make our streets more lively and attractive. But they struggle to realise this potential and the main reason is funding.

The Business of Temporary Use looks at how these projects can be better funded and organised, but also commissioned. As such, it provides a useful guide to project initiators, but also property owners, municipalities and urban designers wanting to include these projects in their strategies, about the conditions for these projects being successful – how to fund them and make good agreements between the different stakeholders. The entire book can be downloaded below.

The lecture giving an overview of the project and it’s conclusions can be found here.

This work is the follow up to 2012’s Urban Tactics, which looked more generally at what these projects needed to be successful and found that they needed high level political support, the help of an intermediary organisation and often failed because of problems with funding.