Business of temporary use – New Ateliers Charlois

The New Ateliers Charlois (NAC) Foundation is a not for profit organisation base in the neighbourhood of Charlois in the south of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. It was set up by a group of artists and local residents in 2004 to manage live-work spaces for visual artists, typically in spaces that have previously been vacant long term. NAC now manages 84 studios across 3 locations: the houses on Wolphaertstraat; a U-shaped housing block called the Otje, both in Charlois; and a number of properties in a nearby neighbourhood called the Wielewaal. They also have three project spaces, a large greenhouse/shed called De Kas, two guest houses,and an international artists’ residency programme.

The rent for each of the live/work spaces is E105/month, up from an initial E100. This money is used to pay for maintenance and overheads of the organisation, with the remainder going to fund arts projects in the neighbourhood, via the ‘Mind Your Area, Move Your Ass’ fund. In this way, every year, between E10,000 and E20,000 has been invested in local community and cultural projects.

This case study is part of research into financial and business models for temporary use projects, which is funded by a grant from the Creative Industries Fund NL (Dutch).


Read the full case study on issuu hereā€¦

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