WIRED/the Space Creative Fellowship

Alison has been selected as one of the inaugural group of WIRED/the Space Creative Innovation Fellows, with her data visualisation project, Migration Watch.

Migration Watch is a data visualisation and mapped artwork which tracks migrants’ journeys to Europe in ‘real time’ over 10 days, mapping their progress, together with the movements of other shipping vessels, currents, waves and weather, distress signals and responses to them (or lack thereof). For ethical reasons, this would be a reconstruction of past events, but it would be presented as a live event as a way of conveying the urgency and danger of the story. An accompanying media and social media campaign will reinforce the sense of a live event and bring the work to a large, broad audience. An accompanying daily podcast will explore the wider issues. It will launch in early summer 2016.

Read the interview with Alison about the Creative Fellowship and the Migration Watch project here.

The other Creative Fellows are Annette Mees, an immersive theatre director who will be creating an Almanac of the next 50 years, and Laura Kriefman, a choreographer who is creating the Mass Crane Dance.