competition entry, 2011

high fidelity is a landscape of towers, seating and lookout points at Roskilde festival, to besituated directly opposite the main stage. Seen from a distance in the evening, the series of twenty towers forms an audio spectrum analyser display for the stage. Up close, groups of towers define smaller areas where people can gather to hang out and relax. Platforms of varying heights provide stepped seating, small podiums for informal performances and vantage points to look over the festival site.

The installation is built from palettes mounted on scaffolding towers. They are attached using standard scaffolding ties. The structures are easily demountable, to be rebuilt the following year, or turned into something else entirely. Lights, which respond to the frequencies of the music from the orange stage, are mounted on each tower and provide an ever-changing light display.

axo of installation
Axonometric of the towers

Night view from the main stage