The business of temporary use

The first case study projects for this research are now online – the Leeszaal, a community library in Rotterdam, the Netherlands; and Practice Space, a business incubator/vocational design training programme.


Urban Tactics 2 – the business of temporary use, looks at business and financial models for the temporary use of vacant properties. The preparatory study showed that although temporary use projects can bring significant benefits for all those involved, there are often significant problems in funding these sorts of projects, preventing many of them from reaching their full potential.

This research is about responding to this and looking for models to support temporary use during two key periods in these projects’ lifespan – start up, and in the case of longer term projects, establishing a sustainable model for continuity funding. The first phase looks at the aims and needs of key stakeholders (project instigators, property owners and municipalities) when getting involved in these projects, the second will look at a series of Dutch temporary use projects and the third will look at international case studies, to see where gaps in the Dutch experience might be filled by the experience of temporary use projects in other countries.

The output of the study will be a digital publication, available to download for free, under a Creative Commons licence. The results of the project should be useful both to those trying to instigate these sorts of project, but also to inform key stakeholders, such as property owners, municipalities and to the urban designers who wish to include temporary uses in their development strategies.

This project is funded by a grant from the Creative Industries Fund NL (Dutch).